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Space for deep work

"Kokono" means "here" and "shell". Kokono aims to be a special place for being present, noticing imaginative ideas and taking joyful steps to create value for people. Welcome!
Imaginator @ KOKONO

A big picture of who you are and where you're going.

Your Purpose

A purpose means a long-term goal that helps you realise your potential while creating value for the world.

1:1 creativity training sessions will help hear your authentic voice and meet your inner child ready to play with meaningful ideas.

Your Startup

A startup means a newborn business that learns fast from customers while looking for right pricing and process. 

1:1 business training and web design services will help you find the right words to describe your idea, figure websites and marketing steps, and much more.

Grow an authentic business from your back garden..

Training videos are excellent, short and to the point, a great back up for me!


You won’t find such supports anywhere else. Good service, to the point, from zero.

Where are you now?

Same way you tidy a wardrobe, you can tidy what’s on your mind. Just put everything on the table (on paper). Do you see any pattern that keeps coming up?

Try baby steps, make them even smaller, so that you are super comfortable to move forward. Take bigger steps when get bored! 

Imagine you have to explain what you have accomplished in 10 years for your grandma. Record your voice on your phone. Start writing it down from there.

Focus on small steps and getting things done. Completing what you started even if it’s a super small task. Try “Airplane” mode for those moments.

Show it to someone. 🙂 Can you make a simple image that explains what it is? Or write a few sentences?

Think about your startup like a garden. Do you have a flow of water in your garden? Similarly, do you have customers that buy your products or services? We go from there.

Decide on your current priorities and research where your target customers are. How can you reach your audience with the least effort?

Explore deeply why you do what you do and how unique your offer is.

Observe people and try figure out what they need. Explain your vision starting with where people are now.

Get a website or a paper brochure that summarises what you do. Also, ask questions and listen to the client needs.

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