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"Kokono" means "here" and "shell". Kokono aims to be a special place for being present, noticing imaginative ideas and taking joyful steps in business. Let's co-create value for people!
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A big picture of who you are and where you're going.

Your Purpose

A purpose means a long-term goal that helps you realise your potential while creating value for the world.

1:1 creativity coaching sessions will help hear your authentic voice and meet your inner child ready to play with meaningful ideas.

Your Startup

A startup means a newborn business that learns fast from customers while looking for the right pricing and growth process.

Web design services with digital business training will help you find the right words to describe your idea, figure websites and marketing steps, and much more.

Grow an authentic business from your back garden..

Training videos are excellent, short and to the point, a great back up for me!


You won’t find such supports anywhere else. Good service, to the point, from zero.

From a moment of change to an online business growth

Welcome to the journey of self-discovery! Where to even start with self-inquiry? Let’s have some fun! Same way you tidy a wardrobe, you can tidy what’s on your mind. Just put everything on the table (on paper). Do you see any pattern that keeps coming up? What makes your heart bump over years?

Lifestyle change or a career transition is a long journey. it simply is. It takes time to explore, try new things out, find comfort in the new environment. Baby steps always win! You can always make your steps even smaller, so that you’re super comfortable to move forward. Every day, simply follow the steps. Take bigger steps when get bored! 

Imagine you have to explain what you have accomplished in 10 years to your grandma. Record your voice on your phone. Start writing it down from there.

Working from home can be enjoyable. Trust me! Focus on small steps and getting small things done. Completing a small task you started. Try “Airplane” mode for those moments.

So you have a seed of a business idea in mind? Yay!! Now, show it to your potential customer. 🙂 I know how scary that sounds! So how about you make a powerpoint that explains what your business idea is about? Now, give it a try! Show it to your potential customer! What was their reaction? Aha. How about we try a different way now? Start a conversation. Ask your potential customer to talk about their problems (that you could potentially solve). Take notes! Shape your idea around the needs of your customer.

When you think big and longterm, I invite you to think tiny! Observe people and try figure out what they need. Explain your vision starting with where people are now.

As you see I’m not on social media. For the moment, I decided that it doesn’t matter. 🙂 But for you, I invite you to do this thought experiment. Decide on your current priorities and research where your target customers are. How can you reach your audience with the least effort?

A startup journey can seem to be like a maze. I invite you to see the big picture. Just use your imagination. Think about your business startup like a garden. Do you have a flow of water in your garden? Similarly, do you have customers that buy your products or services? We go from there.

Being memorable in fact starts with being boring. Simply put, being who you are. Here, we take one step further. We dive deep to explore why you do what you do and how you help people.

Sales becomes easy when someone does sales for you, right? But did you ever realise that a business website and a paper brochure are your first sales assistants? That’s right! Both summarise what you do. Both answer questions your customer will have when considering to purchase something from you.

Get a website, when you’re ready to save time and instead of telling your business story over and over via email or phone (well, sometimes it’s cool to have a break!), you simply want people to see why you do what you do and how you help people in one place, that is, on your website.

Get an ecommerce website, when you’re ready to accept online bookings for your services, turn your expertise into an online course(s) or ship physical products to people’s homes. Everything is possible.

Your first online course is your tiny performance. Collect all lamps you have in the house! Videos love light. Decorate your background – plants, paintings, all your favourites will do. Now, shake your body (a solo dance will do!) and smile. Create a Zoom account and hit record button. Now, talk for 2 minutes like you’d be delivering the good news! Close Zoom and your recording is saved on your computer. Watch it. What do you think? Go from there.

Marketing is a glue that sticks your brand with your customers. Some marketing steps always matter. Happy customers and word of mouth. Serving your customers well and serving them again and again. Blogging and business friendships. Imagination will help here! How can you start conversations with people who care about things you care about?

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