from no idea to CUSTOMERS

Start a business, together

When business tips online are not enough, start and grow your business together. Your business collective is a click away!

Online Business Incubator

A space for solo entrepreneurs.

Welcome to a space where we raise brainchildren. We exist to support you in your journey of starting and growing a business as a solo founder, sole trader, solo entrepreneur. We’re your team of experts you need!

Business on your own feels meh...

Business together feels yay!!!

Your team a click away!

Imagine a team made of a marketer, ecommerce developer, business planner, financial literacy advisor, sales person, business coach and a designer. We offer video screen-share calls with diverse experts and practical online courses. Growing your business together!

A computer is a symbol of web design services for business
A computer mouse is a symbol of a website training delivered online
digital skills
A mobile phone with bubbles as a metaphor for digital marketing training
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