Career Change Coaching

Follow your heart.


Explore your character with personality tests that give a summary of your strengths, weaknesses, values and personal preferences.

Personal Brand

Create a new self on social media. Kokono will guide you in exploring interests and help find the right words for showcasing your authentic self online.

Career Break

Discover a hidden world of taking a year off when you will reconnect with your true self and explore the world.

Passion Projects

Develop curiosity and map all of your interests. Get a toolkit to prototype and explore your interests by doing.


Envision your possible futures and stay on track with helpful techniques to pursue goals in steps.


Being creative and productive is possible with time management, habit change & web apps.

You won't find such supports anywhere else. Good service, to the point, from zero.

I did not know what I wanted in life, and I got to know all the steps of business and got to the single idea. Kokono helped me with all sorts of questions personal development, marketing, sales, pitch, communication, networking.. to get to know what I want and what kind of business idea to choose, why this idea matters, why I will do it, helped me to answer various questions I had for myself, to the point and brought me to my path, business from zero. I did not know how and now I have a business! how to promote, how to overcome challenges, how to test marketing tactics, she showed me what’s possible — all these tips and tricks!
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