Hidden Teacher for Entrepreneurs: Nature

Mimic nature when developing your business. It’s easy and natural.

Explore a new design approach in business called “biomimicry”. 

Planet Earth with a basket underneath made of plasticine is a symbol of a business ecosystem at KOKONO brand

Fulfilling your potential.

Business as a diverse community.

Noticing ideas.

A multicolour heart made of plasticine is a symbol of meaningful business at KOKONO brand


"Why are you here?"
Ruta Danyte, the founder of KOKONO

Explore what matters to you

Experiment with interests that make your heart bump.

In nature, everything seems to have their own place. A bird sings, river floats, sun shines.

Similarly, we, humans, can mimic nature, and find our own place on the planet Earth.

What makes your hear bump? What are you curious about? What matters to you?

These are guiding questions to peak your curiosity and direct yourself!


"What kind of community are you developing?"
Ruta Danyte, the founder of KOKONO

Create something bigger than oneself

Spark connections between people with shared values.

In ecology, my favourite term is “Keystone Species” which means being a carer, a provider of resources.

A single tree is a home for birds, insects, fungi. A tree is also connected to entire forest through the roots.

Entrepreneurs can mimic nature and use a business as a tool to serve and share important messages.

In fact, every business is an ecosystem. Customers, suppliers, followers connected under the same values.

Sun icon made of plasticine is a symbol of creative energy at KOKONO brand


"What inspires you?"
Ruta Danyte, the founder of KOKONO

Explore your creativity

Play with habits that inspire.

Whatever makes your heart bump and the Earth spin, the same energy gives you ideas.

You don’t have to believe me to reconnect with your creative energy though!

If you have never thought about being creative, take a walk in the woods or a park.

How do you feel now? The trick here is giving yourself space and trusting the walks!

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