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Whether you already have a WordPress website or you're starting from zero, let's get your online courses available for purchase on your site.

Support for your first course development

With courses development coaching, any entrepreneur can turn their expertise into clear step-by-step courses sold from their website.

I would totally and wholeheartedly recommend Ruta and her website design and business support service KOKONO.

Ruta brings so much to the table, both in terms of technical and business skills and in terms of who she is and how she engages with clients. What I particularly appreciate about Ruta is that she is super at translating my blah (written or verbal) and she’ll extract the essence of what I’m trying to communicate and convert it beautifully into the design, content and layout. Having had two experiences of working with other website developers, neither of whom exercised much interpretative skill, imagination or creativity (so the onus was really on me to lead every step creatively but this really isn’t my forte so it became a case of the blind leading the blind), working with Ruta has in contrast has been a sheer delight every step of the way. Furthermore, she has an ideal balance of listening really well and being accommodating, flexible and patient on the one hand but equally has great leadership, assertive creative direction and will make executive and tuned-in decisions whenever it’s called for. She was also skilful in playing to my strengths whilst really encouraging me in the areas that I lacked confidence (like creating my first mini course). I felt that I was totally on her radar throughout the project and that she had the project’s progress completely held. As a person to work with I literally couldn’t sing her praises highly enough. My last two website experiences were varying degrees of painful and unsatisfying but with Ruta I have actually genuinely enjoyed the whole experience and at last I feel really happy with my website and all that we created together.


You will be able to add and edit videos, text, photos, courses, lessons and more. I will show you how you can manage your online courses during website training. Also, I will send you the videos with steps.

Yes! Your online courses will work great on all mobile phones and tablets.
When a customer buys one of your online courses, the payment goes to Stripe or PayPal for Business and then to your business bank account. I can set up both accounts for you and make sure everything works smoothly.
Depends if you need just online courses integrated to your existing website or if you are looking for a full service of web design, ecommerce and online courses integration. Also, it depends how long your course is, how many lessons it has, and more. Typically, a web design plus one online course project takes between 2 to 4 months.


Your online courses developed with care

Friendly courses development support

If you're starting from zero with teaching online, you're in the right place. I'll guide you step-by-step in the journey of developing your first online course.

Made for your learners online

Easy to follow, step-by-step, video, mobile, all you need to offer a great experience for your learners.

Easy to update by you

Add new courses, lessons, change videos, text and photos.

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