Passion Projects Change The World

Discover how passion projects reveal your creativity and shape our culture.

A rainbow snail is a symbol of a passion project that reveals creativity in a quiet human

What makes your heart sing.

What you’re curious about.

How you help people.

Where people visit you.

How people learn about you.


"What's your gift to the world?"

Figure your motivation

A purpose is how you find focus.

Discover your purpose while reflecting on your life’s story.

Do you notice any problems that triggered your heart? 

Now, visit your past and explore your background and interests.

What do you do really well? And what you’re curious about?


"What are you exploring?"

Try something new

Passion projects are your hobbies.

Dive deep and explore your interests.

What did you learn? What surprised you? 

Teach me about your hobby. Show me. 🙂

Now, try transforming it into a product!


"How do you make someone's life better?"

Make something valuable

Products serve people.

So, why should I care about what you made?

How does it help me? What does it give me?

Show your product or a service to 5 people.

What do they say? Listen for what repeats. 


"How does your virtual home look like?"

Showcase what you've made

A website helps people see your product.

Write down the comments you got.

Draw a square on paper. Add the comments in!

A paper brochure is a great website start!


"How do you spread a word about your work?"

Communicate that you exist

Comments are how you and others talk about your work.

Invite 5 people to view your website.

Ask them to share with 5 friends.

When people start talking, pause.

You changed your world through passion projects!

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