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What's a natural way of being?


Kokono was born out of a walk in the woods with my heart screaming “It matters!”. And you know, when your heart screams, it hurts. So I had to stop and listen.

Where is me?

I lived by routine. Wake up, eat something and shower, commute to work, do something until lunchtime, eat or just breathe, do something again, commute home or meet friends/family, eat something and go to bed. Five days in a row. Then two days off. Hangout with friends, nightlife, wake up late, it’s Saturday, then go shopping or visit a park, it’s Monday again. It goes over and over, I may change places I commute to and from, but routine stays the same.

And me? Where is me?

Deeper connection with one-self and the other..

Now, back to the woods. Where every tree seems to belong, even the tiniest moss plant and a drop of a newborn stream, a giant rock and a yew tree elegantly sitting on top. Being together yet fulfilling an individual purpose. Just being. But also, striving.

I think something is missing in today’s society, that deeper connection with one-self and the other.

So I kept walking over months chewing this question. And I found myself mimicking nature, diving deep inward, getting wet in the stream and the mud, and coming back with a different outfit which is still mine. (A purple skirt and dirty wellies. Hey, fun!)

Muscles grow... In your body, the mind and the soul.

Kokono represents this need, a need to self-actualise and connect with the environment, whatever it may mean. A moment in life where one transitions and transforms. When some paths start to dim and new ones appear. When the ground starts shaking. An earthquake. Tsunami. Your heart is bouncing. Until a moment of now. Now, it’s peaceful again. And it gets easier. It does. Muscles grow, after all. In your body, the mind and the soul.

Space where I’m free to imagine...

In my journey, a safe space for such an inner war helped and helps. Space where I’m free to imagine all these earthquakes and tsunamis. Let myself shake out of fear because of my ideas and projects, and self. And come back with a meaningful gem.

Space where I can get to know things, tools, skills I have never ever knew existed.

Space where I can be me even in times when I don’t quite know what is me.

Space where I make an attempt and see what happens. Ouch, I just made a mistake. Such a failure. That’s okay.

If that feels like something you’re drawn towards too, then I welcome you to Kokono. A space to raise a brainchild on the planet Earth.

Part 0: feeling

KOKONO means co-existence

Part 1: Spirit

Energy that inspires to create

Part 2: system

Creating a business as ecosystem

Part 3: Biomimicry

Mimicking nature, designing products

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