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Beautiful and easy-to-update brochure website for business. Our project is collaborative – your voice is always heard and the project goes slower or faster depending on your needs.

Answer all your questions during a virtual coffee with your friendly web developer. No question is too silly! I’ll explain web jargon simply.


Can you trust KOKONO to make a brochure website for your business?

  • Easy-to-update by yourself – web training included
  • Beautiful – with branded fonts and colours
  • Visual – high-quality photos included
  • Secure – with web security plugin, SSL certificate integrated
  • All-devices-friendly – responsive web design
  • Google-friendly – with search console setup and SEO
  • Customer-friendly – with copywriting advice and marketing coaching

Add-ons available: Ecommerce, Online Courses, Newsletters, etc

How big is your project?

1-4 Pages, 5-15 pages

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