Start Your Own Business Training


Learn the language of business. Get introduced to business concepts and tools through practical and fun examples! 30 mins video call with a recording sent to you straight away.

Available as individual session for 40 euros. Or in a group of 2 of your friends for the same price of 40 euros, because learning with friends is fun!

How to start your own business?
That’s exactly what you’ll learn during a business lesson.

  • 30mins
  • Screen Share
  • Video Call
  • Recording Available

Concepts and tools we can look at during a lesson:

  • Who are you selling to? Customers – target persona, market size
  • What do you offer? Marketing – value proposition, product development, tactics
  • Why you exist? Business Culture – vision, mission, values
  • How are you growing? Startups – prototyping, minimum viable product
  • How are you doing? Finance – pricing, profit

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