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Seeing is believing! Try templates for visualising your new business, relating to customers needs and imagining your cash flow.

Turn ideas into things..

When you’re lost in overthinking your new business, get a hands-on advice. Try templates.
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See your business in one picture, know why you exist and grow in steps.


Turn your vision into products and services people want to buy.

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Understand the people you want to serve and learn to make sales happen.

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Measure how much time you spend on the business and the financial result you get.

Ruta is both an experienced entrepreneur and an excellent teacher.

She is particularly well-suited to those embarking on a new start-up who would benefit from guidance and coaching in business skills as well as creating their website. Ruta has a real ‘start-up’ mentality which helps get the creative juices going and prevented me from getting stuck or bogged down in details and decisions etc. She’s extraordinarily efficient, reliable and productive (which has been both refreshing and inspiring!)
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