Working from Home Guide

Cheerful rituals for productive time from your home office.

Sofa made of plasticine is a symbol of safety and fun while working from home at KOKONO brand

Where you feel comfortable.

What gets you into flow.

What helps to get things done.

What energises you.

What makes you celebrate.


"Where do you feel comfortable?"
Ruta Danyte, the founder of KOKONO

Dedicate a space for deep work

Work space can be a desk, a note book, a chair cover..
Even the tiniest room can fit in a dedicated space for a home office.
Look around your room. Which corner feels like a safe space to think?
Put a chair in that space. Sit down. Can you fit in a small desk here? Start from there.


"What gets you into flow?"
Ruta Danyte, the founder of KOKONO

Make up your mood

Your mind works better when you're in a positive mood.
Music will shape your mood in a second. What music do you like?

Go to Youtube and create a playlist of your favourite music.

When you start to work, make your music loud. Straight to your ears!

After a few moments, pause it until the next morning.


"What helps you get things done?"
Ruta Danyte, the founder of KOKONO

Get helpers for your work

Do your work, communicate and remember "Airplane" mode.

Project management apps Workflowy and Trello will organise your goals and tasks.

Your tasks will flow with a project management method Kanban.

Drive will store your files. Communication is easy with Zoom video.

But remember “Airplane” mode for times of deep work!


"What energises you?"
Ruta Danyte, the founder of KOKONO

Schedule creativity breaks

Work and rest. Do it on repeat.

Let your mind recharge every 25 minutes and deliver the best results.

Practice mini breaks. Go for nature walks, shower, listen to music.

Watch yourself. Come up with your favourite ways of having a break.


"What makes you celebrate?"
Ruta Danyte, the founder of KOKONO

Celebrate your results

Encourage yourself and celebrate your efforts.

A dance with music loud or a dinner special…

Give yourself a moment to celebrate a work day.

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